Saturday, March 30, 2013

Seiko 5 Sports 7S36

Seiko 5 Sports 100m Diver Automatic SNZF25J1... Wrong Edition!!!

Seiko 5 is the entry level mechanical/automatic watch. Asian watch lovers at a stage or another would definitely have a Seiko 5. During my childhood, Seiko 5 is considered by many as good watches. It built its reputation on cheap prizing, and reliability (acceptable precision and considerable problems free). Another great marketing strategy; unlike Ford Model T, Seiko 5 comes in huge variety of case, bracelet and dial design. 

I need to confess, I have quite a number of Seiko 5..... Most , if not all of  the Seiko 5 available in South East Asia is what I called K series. For instance this watch, if you are going to buy it in Malaysia and Singapore, you would probably get this model number SNZF25K1. So what is the fuss between J and K? K is designated for watches produced or assembled outside Japan. Seiko 5 usually is assembled in Malaysia, Singapore and China. J stands for Made in Japan edition and is usually for Japan domestic market. You got to hate the Japanese, they usually keep the best for their own countrymen. 
From the appearance, the K and the J look alike and without much different. I can tell you for sure, the J finishing is far more superior than the K series. 

This watch was bought from a Japanese shop in Singapore. What caught my eyes is the combination of red coca cola bezel and the white dial. On the white dial is the highly luminous dots and hands. At the bottom of the dial for the J series it has "Made in Japan" written-ed  Why I declared it as a wrong edition. This is because I have seen this watch before. It usually comes equipped with silver hands to match its dials and silver dots. However this watch comes with a set of black hands. The first photo below is what a normal SNZF25J1 should look like....

This watch uses the 23 jewels 7S36-03C0 movement. The case, the crown and the bracelet is all stainless steel. The case is 38mm excluding the crown and it is with a see through back case. The front is using Seiko Hardlex Crystal. The crown is a simple push in type. For a diver watch, I would expect a minimum standard of screw in crown. The bracelet is pretty impressive; it is a stainless steel with  folded double push buttons signed buckle. On personal note, this watch looks somewhat like Rolex Submariner.


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  2. Over a year later but worth some remarks about Seiko and how they class watches. If it were considered a "Dive" watch by Seiko and not a "Sports" watch it would be certified as a design meeting the ISO dive standard, would be rated to 200m (instead of 100m), would have a screw-down crown, and would not have a display back. That's why Seiko characterized it and labeled it a "Seiko 5 Sports." Certainly should be OK for swimming or snorkeling, but definitely not SCUBA use. If used for aquatic activities in which it will be immersed, it should have its water resistance checked and verified every couple years. Should never be used in a hot tub. The hot chlorinated water is very hard on the gaskets and seals. Not even a true diver should be subjected to that. Just because it has a timing bezel does not make it a real diver or that it's intended to be used as one and this applies to all brands, not just Seiko. Many that have the style of a diver are "desk divers." Seiko has a number of inexpensive 200m divers. The most well known are the Black dial and Orange dial "Monsters" - which you can still get with a 7S26 or the newer 4R36 movement, and the SKX007 series with different dial and bezel colors. The SKX007 itself is known as the "007." That's just a couple examples. They have more 200m divers. The 100m Sports watches are great. I have a couple, but also know they're not true divers.

    1. Sir, I wonder whether Seiko send their watches for ISO 6425 testing... maybe not at the lower end diver, but what about their higher range like MarineMaster? I am truly thankful for your remarks, very informative and very resourceful... I sure have a lot to learn from you......

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