Thursday, November 5, 2009

Watchopenia, the word

"Watchopenia"... Sorry no such word in any dictionary or any language.... I am fully responsible for making up that word. It is a combination of 2 English words: watch and schizophrenia. It means a severe form of mental disorder towards watch.
In medical terms, Penia also means lacking of or deficiency of.... so in this case is a severe deficiency of watches!

Whoever diagnosed with this condition will experience alienation or complete social withdrawal when watch is involved. The patient will hallucinate and have delusions on different watches....

With each watch acquired the prognosis will be getting worse.....

Temporary syptomatic relief with purchase of new watch... Dosage of watch depends on the complication of watch, the beauty of the movement, casing, dial and etc....

Basically watchopenia is a disease for those who is "coo-coo" with watches.

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