Tuesday, November 10, 2009

My love for Avantgarde Seiko

To compete with the european mainly swiss at the luxurious watch market, Japanese biggest watch maker Seiko comes up with Grand Seikos, King Seikos and Credors. Lexus in the watch industry.... it is on the same path with Mercedes Benz (Rolex), BMW (Omega, Breitling)... but still a distance to go if really want to challenge the crème de la crème The Rolls-Royce (Patek Phillipe), Bentley (Vacheron Constantin, Audersmars Piguet, Girard Perregaux, IWC)...
Personally I think the Top grade seikos is superb in quality and value for money. But in recent years the price has soared because of high demands as more and more people gets to know about it.
I first came to know about Grand Seiko and Credor from watch magazine during the late 1990's when Seiko decided to revitalised Grand Seiko that has ceased production in late 1960's. I read more about GS, KS from two guys... one is a bug guy from Malaysia.... the famous Roachman Dr. Wayne Lee and his Japanese friend Mr. Seiya Kobayashi.
GS, KS give me the impression of simple, uncomplicated, distinctive.... Only true watch lovers will notice your wristwatch... Beauty is in the eyes of expert....

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