Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Seiko Turtle Padi SRPA21

Watch that fit for Scuba Diving Instructors: Seiko Turtle Padi 

The golden yellow and the ever green of the Paddy/Padi crops. Padi is the local Malay word. However, we are not taking the agriculture lessons here......

This is more like it. PADI is the organization that trains and certifies open water divers. So it is not surprising that Seiko diver watches trying associate with it. I have wrote twice about Seiko Turtle Reissues. 

First Here~~~ Seiko Prospex SRP775

then Here~~~ Seiko Prospex SRPC49K

Therefore I won't brag about this Seiko Turtle PADI in length.

I bought this Seiko Turtle PADI back in Christmas season 2017. Yea, another Limited Edition...bla bla bla.....

So what is the differences between this one and the rest? First, its box has a stamped PADI logo 

Secondly, it has the Pepsi bezel. The Pepsi blue dial or perhaps the Ocean blue dial has a PADI stated on it. The Lumed Minute hand has an outer red highlighted. 

As with the rest, let's the photos do the talking.......

So after wearing this watch, we can start going Scuba diving.... nah, I hardly swim........ 

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