Sunday, June 30, 2019

Continue to f*ck up: Titoni Cosmo King

Being Dumb

This is a subsequent post from Miscue.... Titoni Cosmo King 737-DB-SC from January 2018. I was so very happy with the Bulova Eminence watch case and think it would be a perfect match for my Titoni Cosmo King.

We managed to put the so called diamond paved dial and the Eta 2834 movement into the case without much issue. It looks alright despite the jigsaw shaped rim looked somewhat odd. 

Life would be somewhat monotonous without any challenge.... True enough the original Titoni bracelet did not fit into this case. The bracelet was too small for the lugs. We tried after market Rolex style president bracelet, again it did not fit well.....

Then we put the new case for water sealed test.... To our dismay, the integrity of the stainless steel case was somewhat doubtful.... Water vapour just fogging the crystal. Although with a little bit more effort, we could overcome all obstacles but on second thought, this does not look like a Titoni Cosmo King at all....... Sigh.......

The whole exercise was a resources draining fruitless LPPL (nah, you don't want to know what this means!)  experiment. 

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