Tuesday, December 29, 2015

The rise of the Electro: Seiko Elnix 0703-7040

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SEIKO ELNIX 0703-7040

Back in October this year, I wrote about Citizen Cosmotron, the transistorized electric watch. This is its Seiko counterpart, Elnix. Seiko had five series of electronic movement calibres with the Elnix marked as the last Emperor. 

The Elnix is the most advanced and last transistorized electric watches from Seiko. This watch came out of Seiko factory in 1974. 

This watch has a semi helmet shaped stainless steel case with a size of approximately 39 mm excluding crown. What made this watch unit or distinctive are its multi faceted thick crystal and its purple Alexandria gradient dial. 

On its dial, there is a gold colour Elnix logo with a spiral upward arrow. Underneath the nostalgic logo is the symbol of Daini. This watch is equipped with day-date functions. It also has smooth sweeping second hand. 

This watch has an unsigned crown. 

The stainless steel caseback is screw in type. Nothing unusual but with all the essential information of the watch. 

This watch is powered by the 16 Jewels 0703A. It has a frequency of 4 Hz and an amplitude of 8 beats per second or 28,800 bph.

A 1.55 volt.Silver Oxide Battery breaths life into Seiko 0703A movement. 

The production for Seiko Elnix is short lived.... as soon after the Quartz would dominate the Japanese watch industry. For me, they are an important milestone; and most of these watches still run problem free forty odd years later. 

Below are photos of the same watches that I found on the World Wide Web... Amazingly it is still a New Old Stock......

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