Thursday, December 31, 2015

New Year Resolution for 2016

"During the beginning of a new year , most of us have many resolutions : for example:to lose weight , to exercise regularly , to work harder in studies or work , to eat more healthily , to spend more time with family , to read more books , to stop procrastinating etc Etc. However by end of the year , most would not have achieved what they aspire to do or to conquer. So , the following year , you can virtually copy the previous year 's resolutions for the new year as none of the resolutions has been achieved..." (Dr. Clement Chen, Surgeon, Champion Toastmaster)

I had failed to achieve any watches stated in my resolution for the year 2015..... Haizzz..... Everyone is predicting a hard time ahead in 2016, so things are not looking too bright.... However without a goal, life is so meaningless. For 2016, I cut my goal simple and focus; just a single piece, Seiko SBDX014G, Seiko Marinemaster Automatic 1000M!!!

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  1. Would you be able advise me of a good mechanical watch sifu to fix my dad old titus. Thanks.