Monday, January 14, 2013

Waltham Centennial 100 Jewels

Waltham Centennial 100 Jewels Autochron

hehehehahahaaaaaaaaaaaa 100 jewels??? There was time (during the 1960's) when we think that more jewels are equaled with better movement of precision. I have never see any simple timepiece or even Grand Complication one with jewels more than a hundred. The other one that with 100 jewels is the Orient Grand Prix 100. 

The Waltham Centennial 100 has a unspectacular 17 jewels movement with 83 non- functional jewels embedded in the circumference of the ring attached to the rotor. The jewels count is purely a marketing gimmick and is never a way to make the watch more reliable, or more durable.  

The movement in this watch is a third party movement.... The only consolation maybe its rotor is signed with Waltham Geneve. I bought this watch from Philippines as a witness to an era of poor educated consumers.

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