Monday, January 14, 2013

A little changes

Dress up a Rolex, for better or for worse?

When I bought this Rolex, it is with 18k gold fluted bezel and authentic gold dial with after-marketed 8 full-cut diamonds and 2 diamonds baguettes. For one moment, I was overwhelmed with the fact that I finally own a Rolex 18ct Gold.
But hey, I am a Sinner and full of lust and desire.... I can never be content.... I have always desire a Rolex Super-President. So I decided to modify this into blink blink full diamonds. Due to financial constrain, I can never afford to do it at one time. 
So during the first year of having this watch, I ordered an after-marketed diamond with sapphire bezel to replace the fluted bezel. 

On the second year, a friend helped me to locate a full diamond dials with ruby indices. I would prefer it with sapphire indices to better match the bezel. Maybe a little bit defect will make it more perfect..... 

Early 2013,  the same friend saw these in Singapore.... yes 18ct gold bracelet with diamonds embedded links. However, with the price of gold sky high and the World economy in a recession..... I have to wait for a couple of years before executing my next move........

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