Saturday, June 2, 2012

Seiko Prospex Flightmaster

Seiko Flighmaster ~ One of the three Masters

Seiko has three Masters in its pool of watches namely Landmaster, Marinemaster, and Flightmaster. Like usual Seiko powered all these series using different type of movements Some with Quartz movement, some with Kinetics and I think the premier one with Automatic movements. Ok, someone will probably ask what about Fieldmaster? Fieldmaster is a good watch but it is still not in this league. 

Seiko Landmaster

Seiko Marinemaster

Seiko Flightmaster

I will not go into details on flightmaster. Steve G has written an extensive article ( on this watch. In fact, it is due to his article that prompt me to buy this used flightmaster. This watch is not cheap by any standard and with that sum you probably can source for better known watches. 

My Seiko Flightmaster SBDS001

Was initially thinking of ordering a brand new one from Higuchi-Inc or SeiyaJapan, before my Japanese friend Taka told me his friend has one for sell. This watch is in mint condition with original box, waranty paper and instruction manual. This watch is made in 2006 in Japan. 

The Flightmaster case and band are all made of Titanium. It has a sapphire glass and a see through screw in case back. The fun part is you can appreciate the beauty of its movement. The 6S37A is a forty jewels hi-beats (Amp: 28,800 beats per hours) chronograph movement with date. It has a power reserve of 48 hours. 

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  1. Got one of those, an absolute astonishing watch! Thanks for the nice pics.