Saturday, June 2, 2012

Rado President

Rado President Automatic

This is a classic vintage watch from 1970's era. I acquired this one from a friend shop. Bought the watch because of the word "President". Hahaaaaahaaaaaaa for a layman, the President should be the flagship of rado... however this watch is basically identical to Rado's other series during the time including the green, purple, and gold horses. They all used the same 25 jewels automatic movement from ETA.

Given the age of this watch, it is still in prime condition. The dial, glass, crown and also the bracelet are still original. This watch is full stainless steel. The case back is embossed with Rado, its logo and also Rado tri-seahorses symbol. This watch is water-sealed too.

Watches like this are cheap to collect and usually they are quite durable. Also they are cheap and easy to maintain with plenty of spare parts. Having one of this on your wrist can really distinct you from the rest.......

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