Friday, December 25, 2009

Linear Beauty: Grand seiko 4522-7010

Another new member into my Grand Seiko family. This is what they called Linear Beauty. Most GS are beauties.... of course there are few exceptions...
I personally think the new GS Spring Drive chronographs look relatively hideous.
This watch is special in two ways:

1) It has pencil thin little hour, minute and second hands

2) This is one of the first seiko watch equipped with sapphire glass.
Bare in mind, this watch was produced in 1970 at KAMIDO/DAINISEIKOSHA. During the 70's not many european watches used sapphire crystal...

At the heart of this watch is the cal 4522A, manual winding 25 jewels movement, beating at a super 36000Vph.

This is a plain looking GS which simplified time.... A true beauty.... Sometimes I wonder why do we needs a multi complication watch???

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