Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Bulova Chronometer Day Date

Bulova Rolex Wannabe...

This watch was actually bought by my wife for me. I find it quite amusing... not only because it looks quite alike a Rolex.... Somemore at the dial... it is written:

Official Certificate
Sapphire Crystal"

Original look

Although the wording is odd and stupid. It is quite a watch for collection and it is kind of rare because I have tried to find another one similar to this.....

Some years later due to an accident the dial was scratched. I have to send the dial for repainting.... The technician does not have the same wording, so we have no choice but to alter it into:

Superlative chronometer
officially certified"

We repainted the dial into radiance red colour. Maybe the next step of modification is to change the diamond bezel into diamond bezel equipped with 4 rectangle rubies......

Make-over look

For once, I think the repainting dial looks nicer than the original. This is definitely one of a kind for collection... a custom watch in a sense... Yes I know all about use of wording like chronometer and swiss made is a violation of switzerland's law... With so many replicas and self proclaimed chronometers out there..... My one is pretty minor.....

My Other Bulova that look like Rolex President... with rare red maroon dial.

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