Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Seiko Chronograph 6138-0011: UFO Again.... Second Sighting....

Seiko Vintage Chronograph Automatic

If one day, you see an UFO, how would you feel? I never think about this probably because I am never a sci-fi fan. 

This post I am going to show you my another piece of the same watch but with a different bracelet. 

I have seen same watch in a broken state selling for RM2000 back in 2010. So I believe there is a market for all these vintage Seiko chronograph.

I never view watches as an investment. I am not into watch trading either..... I only love to collect and sometimes wear them a bit or appreciate their beauty from time to time. 

Back in the old days,  Seiko did make some marvelous and affordable watches..... 

I doubt this is the original bracelet for 6138-0011. I think this bracelet I sourced it from Seiko 5 most probably during the 7S26 period.

It matched pretty well with the UFO thou....

I would not fascinate about whether there is Extra-Terrestrial being out there somewhere.............. But I always wonder, if there is an Alien or a more superior being.... Do they wear a watch or multiple watches???  

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