Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Miscue.... Titoni Cosmo King 737 DB-SC

Titoni Cosmo King Full Diamond Dial 

I have a profound crush on watches with dial paved with sparkling diamonds. I also have a devoted love for Titoni Cosmo King. 
Hence whenever a Titoni Cosmo King popped up for sale in the ebay or any sell forum or blog, I would take a look or two.

So when this watch was listed by a Hong Kong seller, I kinda fall in love with it instantly. Love at first sight; as if I am sweet 16 again.....

 I couldn't find the initial listing photos by the seller. It was portrayed nicely..... Every angle of the photos were calculated in order to conceal any defect of the watch being detected...... On the surface, it was declared as a pristine used watch with everything in good working orders. 

As the old folks are saying.... look can be deceiving..... A nice looking girl may not have the inner quality that is desirable!!! I had chosen the rotten apple......

After removing the stainless steel jubilee bracelet, you can see that there is a crack on the watch casing. 

Upon further inspection, the fluted bezel looked very wrong and did not fit this particular watch. Hold on, the bezel is kind of gum on to the case........ The bezel might be from either a Rolex replica watch or a Rolex Oyster Datejust or Day-Date homage. 

The acrylic lens is also an aftermarket replacement and it has a crack at one O'clock position. 

The crown of this watch has also seen a better day.... Hell.... I basically need to find a replacement case, lens, crown, and bezel for the entire watch. 

If anything is of consolation, the stainless steel bracelet is original and the see through back case is in good condition.   

At first, I tried to find an old Titoni case as replacement. Two years passed and I could not find a single descent case for it. After consulting with my watch mechanic, we decided the best option would be this one from Hong Kong's ebay seller (Nope, not the same one that conned me!). This one is listed as Bulova stainless steel case for ETA 2834 movement.

The case comes with a sapphire glass top and a mineral crystal see through back case. 

The crown is somewhat eye-catching for this one. It is a PVD coated, black colour crown with Bulova logo imprinted. 

To my relief, the back case is no signed with any brand name. So the ball game now is to fit the Titoni's movement and dial into it. 

Ebay is like a box of chocolate.... You never know what you're gonna get...... Just enjoy the chocolate and deal with the consequences as best as you can. At the end of the day, you might get more satisfaction out of life.........

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