Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Seiko Lord Marvel Diashock 23 jewels

Once a Lord, forever a Lord: Seiko Lord Marvel 5740-1990

Before the time of the Kings and the Grands, the Lords ruled the land...... Seiko Lord Marvels were once the highest, the best and the most expensive watches Seiko produced. Seiko Lord Marvel was first introduced in 1958. 

One point to stress; Seiko Lord Marvel is not the same class as the later Seiko LM (Lord-Matic). This watch is believed to be from 1960 and the third generation of Lord Marvel. It has a very elegant 14K Gold-filled case (80 Micron) with an artistic curved acrylic crystal. 

This Lord Marvel has an enchanting silver dial. The dial is decorated with raised gold stick markers. Silver and gold do make a great combination. "Seiko Lord Marvel" and "Diashock 23 Jewels" were finely printed. At the bottom of the dial it is proudly declared as Japan with its model number 5740-1990TAD. 

This watch is tastefully equipped with gold dauphine hands and a long sweep second. The case is measuring 36mm excluding the crown. 

As the model suggested, this watch is powered by a handwinding 23 Jewels 5740A. 5740A movement has an amplitude of 18000 bph. 

This watch comes with a snap on clam-shell back case. The back case is also 14K gold filled with only the serial number of the watch engraved on it. 

Below is an antique Seiko catalogue.... The first one on the left center is the 5740-1990, from my shallow understanding of Japanese, it is stated "World Class Standard". 

After more than half a century, the 14K gold filled casing does show some wear and tear, but it is still in an excellent condition. An old Seiko mechanical movement is an everlasting power horse. With descent using and proper caring.... this Seiko heritage can last for many more years to come......

In my opinion, a classic watch like this is best matched with a dark brown calf leather strap. I do not bother to put one up for two reasons.... One I am not going to wear this in any near future; two, this one is missing the original crown... a watch of this age is sometime very difficult to find the correct spare.......


  1. Hi, do You know the range of prices in the internet auctions for this very model? Thanks

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  2. I have one Seiko lord marvel same as a picture post