Monday, January 13, 2014

Seikomatic-R 8305-8010: I need a new face.... for the new year!

Seiko 8305-8010

Something humble to kick start 2014. Have been on Christmas and New Year Holiday! This is a Seiko 8305 that I acquired sometimes ago..... eeerrerrrr maybe long long time back.....  This is an early Seiko automatic from the 1960's era.

This Seikomatic-R has the very classic round shaped with a diameter of 35mm excluding its crown. The design resembled those of Grand Seiko even the hands looked identical.

Well this watch has a cracked acrylic glass that need to be replaced. Another thing that need to be replaced is the dial. The once white dial is infested with brown aging spots.....

I recently came across someone's sharing in a facebook vintage watch group a receipt that can clean off the spot. You may need cotton pads, warm distilled water, not from tab, liquid soap 0.05 %. I have not try but the result I saw was worth trying. 

What intrigues me into collecting this piece is the back case with a beautiful whale design. This watch is dated to January 1967.  

Here is a prime condition Seiko 8305 that I saw on ebay; posting here just for sharing.....

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