Thursday, November 21, 2013

This Lion is not that Lion:: Seiko 5 Superior Titanium

Seiko 5 Superior Titanium 7S36-0140

Most branded Titanium watches are relatively expensive. This is probably the cheapest around.  Yeap is a Seiko 5 alright, the entry level of Seiko mechanical watches. 

The Superior line is different from the regular 5 series by having a sapphire crystal and a solid link bracelet. It uses the 23jewels 7S36 movement. I picked this one up from ebay Philippines.  

This is a two tones Titanium and gold watch. The case diameter is 36mm without the crown. Because the whole watch case is mainly titanium, this watch is very light in weight. This watch has a very attractive black honeycomb dial beautified by the gold coloured Seiko 5 logo and markers and gold coloured hands. 

Like most Seiko 5 this watch has the day and date function at 3 O'clock position and is highlighted with gold frame. This watch comes with its original two tones bracelet with the clasp signed Seiko.

What prompted me to collect this watch is the backcase..... It has a Seiko 5 Superior lion logo. What I am referring at the title is the comparison between this Seiko 5 Superior Lion with the more majestic looking Grand Seiko Lion....... The back case is screwed in and the watch is water resist to 50 Meters. 

This Seiko 5 is manufactured in Japan. I don't really consider this as a vintage watch. Despite its age, it is still very practical in design by modern standard. 


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  2. Where can I buy the same watch? I`ve searched all over the web and I can`t find that watch anywhere. :(

  3. i have one of these if anyone is interested. great condition, fully functioning. It has a white face and is not two tone, just silver. full titanium.