Sunday, February 3, 2013

Credor Phoenix Chronograph: Black and White

Credor Phoenix Chronograph: 6S78-0A10

This is my second Credor watches. I got the first one back in June 2011. Below is how it looks like. Clicking on the photo will direct you to that article (Credor: The pinnacle of Japanese watch industry). 

Don't know what getting into my nerves, I bought another Credor Phoenix Chronograph Ref: 6S78-0A10. However, this is a more complete set i.e. coming with the original box, manual and original stainless steel bracelet.  I always love black dial for watches. I will not go into length on reviewing this watch as I already done it two years ago. So kindly just enjoy the photos of this magnificent oriental origin timepiece.

P.S: I love what is written inside the Credor operating manual.... "Only the unique melding of traditional Japanese sensitivity and state-of-the-art technology can bring you a watch of this quality and character. Doing so is our passion....."

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