Friday, July 6, 2012

又见满天星。。。 starry starry night...

Starry starry night part 2: Rolex Replica

I love watches decorated with diamonds and jewels. Is flamboyant and in a sense is dangerous to wear, unless you are Al-Capone. I have to admit... I can never afford the real McCoy. What you are seeing here is Rolex Replicas specially made for me by a watchmaker friend. Even the display box in this photo is fake. I am not promoting fake or replica but just share with you my custom watches. All these three watches using the ETA 2834-2 25 jewels automatic movements. Some parts like the crown are real Rolex spare parts.

Rolex President with full diamond dial and diamond bezel but with jubilee bracelet???

Half gold Rolex Day-Date

This is not even in real Rolex catalogue.... this model never exist. Two tones rolex day-date existed in the form of white gold or platinum with yellow gold.... the crown (from the model 18238) and the bezel are original rolex 18K gold.

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