Friday, November 25, 2011

Another GS 6146: Grand Seiko 6146-8050

Grand Seiko 6146-8050

The contemporary Grand Seiko logo above reflects Seiko's attention to perfection and precision. Seiko chose the majestic lion as their emblem is an ambitious declaration of Seiko wanting to be the No 1 in watches industry. My apology, kind of carrying away by Grand Seiko 50th anniversary emblem. 
I have written about GS 6146 one or two years back. This is another variant of GS 6146 with a different casing.  It has been out of my sight and out of my mind.... but is a very important bit of my Grand Seiko collection.

This model was made during late 1960's and early 1970's. This watch was traced to be coming out of Seiko factory in 1972. I managed to grab hold of this watch from Philippines. What is unique with this unit of Grand Seiko is its faceted crystal. Another interesting bit is the fact that most vintage Grand Seiko has a white or silver dial, this one is with a black grey original dial. This watch is in mint condition with the original GS signed crown and the gold GS emblem at the back intact. The only disappointment is the buckle and the bracelet is belonging to normal Seiko. It will be a uphill battle to find an original GS metal bracelet. 

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