Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Grand Seiko Gold capped 6146-8000

Grand Seiko Automatic Caliber 6146-8000: The first GS model equipped with high beats automatic movement and  possible one of the best hi-beat movement ever produced by Seiko. Beating at 36,000 bph, it maintains superb accuracy and reliability despite its age. With 25 jewels, it was produced in 1970 by Suwa Seikosha. There are two variants - caliber 6145 with date only, while caliber 6146 with both date and day functions. A total of 36,000 pieces of this model was produced.
My 6146 is gold capped. Gold capping is done by pressing gold slice to base steel metal. Gold capping is around 200 microns (0,2mm) thick what gives you feeling that you wear full-gold watches. Gold capping is much more thicker than gold plating which is normally thick 3-30 microns. Watch is equipped with cylindrical acrylic crystal. It seems that dial is silver plated. There are gold plated plastic indexes, date-day frame, Seiko logo and “GS” logo. All other marks are black printed. Plastic indexes have polished gold sides and black front side. Hands are also gold plated, very thick. There are thin black lines on hour and minute hand. My 6146 comes with Grand Seiko marked rotor which is considered rare. This is simply a magnificent watch.


  1. Hi,
    I am interested in your Grand Seiko watch.

    Still available? How much for selling?

    Please email me more pics at ericlim.canfast@gmail.com


    1. Sorry Eric,

      This is my personal collection. Just for sharing.....
      Best regards,

  2. Replies
    1. Gold capping is a process in which a cap was made out of gold to be fitted on a stainless steel case. Usually the thickness is around 200-250 microns.... You can polish a gold capped watch, but never polish a gold-filled watch.

  3. Quite a lovely time piece! I have one that I've thoroughly enjoyed. Runs beautifully!

  4. how much scrap gold is in 6146 8000 automatic GS 36000?